" approach that is about enhancing the ability of living beings to co-evolve, so that our planet continues to express its potential for diversity, complexity, and creativity." - Regenesis group

Re-envisioning the campello neighborhood

Brockton, MA

In accordance with a smart growth redevelopment plan, the city of Brockton is developing transit-oriented developments in the Campello neighborhood. This includes densification strategies like mixed-use, repurposing of existing historic structures, and the creation of public amenities like green spaces. The regenerative design approach was employed to arrive at recommendations like on-site water treatment, rooftop renewable energy generation, reduction in impervious surfaces, and diverse plantings. 


•    50% reduction of impervious surface
•    pedestrian-centric streetscape
•    stormwater management
•    renewable energy incorporated into building
•    green roofs


•    visioning of recommendations
•    city zoning and planning research
•    site concept and design
•    three and two dimensional modeling
•    image rendering and post-processing