"...the ability of an ecosystem to support and maintain ecological processes and a diverse community of organisms. Ecological Integrity is measured as the degree to which a diverse community of native organisms is maintained, and is used as a proxy for ecological resilience, intended as the capacity of an ecosystem to adapt in the face of stressors, while maintaining the functions of interest.

For example, the presence of a diverse portfolio of species increases the probability that at least some of these species have the traits required to survive and maintain a suite of ecosystem functions in the face of climate change." - Ocean Health index

The Learning Laboratory

belchertown, ma

The proposed trail loop is designed as a series of phased projects beginning with two trailheads connected to wildlife observation decks by an all persons trail. This phased plan focuses initially on connecting the public school system, recreation center, and senior facilities to a place for outdoor recreation, interpretive and hands-on environmental education, narrative experience of the social and environmental history of the site, and wildlife viewing. The design bolsters the ecological health of the site by inspiring stewardship in visitors, protecting water quality through active monitoring and stormwater pretreatment, and sustainable trail design. Click here to see the trail plan in its entirety. 


•    Universal accessible trails and interpretive educational stations
•    Coordination of recreation and educational programming
•    Intergenerational user site experience
•    Phased design elements
•    Grant research and funding recommendations


•    Ecological assessment
•    Detailed design and construction plans
•    Cost estimating
•    Adaptive long-term maintenance plan
•    Multi-stakeholder engagement and public exhibition
•    Site modeling and visualizations