Our products include:


Analysis and Assessment

  • Site Evaluation/context analysis

  • Comparative Site Analysis & Selection

  • Ecological Assessments

  • Feasibility Studies

Planning and Design

  • Land Use and Master Planning (urban and rural)

  • Farm Master Planning 

  • Educational Landscapes

  • Schematic and Detailed Design

  • Streetscape Planning and Design

  • Green Roof Design

  • Site Engineering, including landform grading/earthwork , surface drainage, hardscape, structured landscape terraces / walls, furnishings, site lighting

Documentation, Reports, and Visual Communication

  • Visualizations and CG Renderings

  • Site Quantification and Cost Estimating

  • Geographic Information System

  • Site Modeling



Whether you are a farmer, a landowner, government official, or another landscape firm, we have the skills to meet your project needs. follow the links below to find out more about our services. 


We care about productive landscapes and the stewards who make their lives on them. Collectively, we have 8 years of experience working on farms across the United States, from Hawaii to Maine, and have a commitment to the improvement of agricultural systems and the food networks they enrich. If you are a young farmer starting out, we have the knowledge and experience to optimize the layout and management goals for your farm and if you are retiring to a  farm, we know what it takes to develop long-term management strategies that will help your land sequester carbon, create wildlife habitat, build soil, and work with the legal parameters. 


Where do you begin in finding a property for farming? What are the priorities? This process begins an assessment of your needs and goals coupled with an analysis and assessment of available properties. If there are multiple properties of interest, a comparative analysis can help you frame the decision and make the right choice for you and your family. At the end of the process you have a report that frames the relative merits of each site and a recommendation based on your needs. 


Sometimes the most challenging part is finding the direction to move forward with our dreams for a current property. Small steps can lead to big changes over time. We can help by developing a master plan and site design that can frame the short-term objectives in a longer-term framework for your property. After working with us, you will have a plan for developing your property in a regenerative way, outlined in master plan that can be used to guide your own decision-making and communicate to potential funding sources. 


If you are currently operating a farm and feel that the operation could run more efficiently and you want to incorporate more holistic land goals into your operation, we can help. Especially if you are looking for ways to save money, enhance the value of your land, or deal with permitting, we can help build on your understanding of your site. You will walk away with a deeper knowledge and a confidence in your actions outlined in report. 


Do you need to take your visual communication to the next level but don't have the time or in-house skills? We have the skills to elevate your graphic communication from 2D infographics to 3D modeling and layout. We are designers too, we know where you are coming from and can help communicate it. 


If you are trying to communicate ideas geographically, analyze geographic data, or attractively communicate using maps, we have the skills and experience to give your data a location, draw out patterns, and bring the maps to life. 

rendered design images

Using existing plans and/or schematic ideas we can help visualize your designs in a clear and attractive way for clients. Using aerial and regular photography, google earth, and other available resources we can create conceptual or photo-realistic images that convey the design for the site. 

design, modeling, and rendering

Using existing plans and/or schematics we can model your site in 3D. This model can be used for communicating existing conditions or built out to your design specs and rendered to give the clients a sense of what the design will look like when complete. 

cut-sheets and graphic design

We can take these design images, models, and other documents you have and turn them into attractive and presentation-quality cut-sheets, reports, or flyers for use in communicating your work. 


It can be challenging to find the right property and even more overwhelming to know how to manage the land once purchasing it. Today, cities and towns across the nation are looking closer at smart growth strategies, climate change resilience, local and regional food networks, management of open spaces, and maximizing recreational opportunities. We have the skills to help you turn your questions about how to look for land into metrics that will help you decide on the right property. From there, if you are interested in conservation and public access or home construction and private ownership, we can help move through the process. 


In the initial phases of any project, an understanding of the site ecology will enable future decisions to do no harm and even enrich the existing web of relationships. A feasibility study can complement this baseline study by assessing the impacts of a proposed project on that site. See Project Examples


This is the process of discerning the story of place and aligning that with your needs. See Project Examples


A site design is the most specific type of service, when you get down to the details of soil building practices, site amenities like furniture and lighting, and site engineering like grading and drainage systems. This where your project crosses the threshold from dream to becoming a reality. See Project Examples