" approach that is about enhancing the ability of living beings to co-evolve, so that our planet continues to express its potential for diversity, complexity, and creativity." - Regenesis group

Re-envisioning the campello neighborhood

Brockton, MA

In accordance with a smart growth redevelopment plan, the city of Brockton is developing transit-oriented developments in the Campello neighborhood. This includes densification strategies like mixed-use, repurposing of existing historic structures, and the creation of public amenities like green spaces. The regenerative design approach was employed to arrive at recommendations like on-site water treatment, rooftop renewable energy generation, reduction in impervious surfaces, and diverse plantings. 


•    50% reduction of impervious surface
•    pedestrian-centric streetscape
•    stormwater management
•    renewable energy incorporated into building
•    green roofs


•    visioning of recommendations
•    city zoning and planning research
•    site concept and design
•    three and two dimensional modeling
•    image rendering and post-processing


EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH predicated on asking the question, "What don't we know?". Following this process of inquiry leads to insights that can delight and inspire. 

building an urban food system

Brockton, MA

The Brockton urban agriculture plan evaluates the benefits of and obstacles to urban agriculture in Brockton, explores community visions of what urban agriculture could look like in Brockton; and offers recommendations to help the community coordinate agriculturally related efforts and develop sound policies supporting urban agriculture. Two principle conclusions of the project were to take the time necessary to engage the immigrant and communities of color that have been chronically underrepresented in past policy and planning initiatives and connect existing efforts and use those successes to build out other aspects of the food system. Click here to view the report in its entirety. 


•    5-point planning policy recommendations for incorporating urban agriculture
•    city-wide assessment of potential agricultural land
•    city and regional food systems assessment
•    visions for urban agriculture, education, and a local food system


•    Research and synthesis of food and agricultural systems studies
•    Outreach to public officials, field experts, and community    members
•    Community meetings
•    Ongoing assessment and follow-up


"...the ability of an ecosystem to support and maintain ecological processes and a diverse community of organisms. Ecological Integrity is measured as the degree to which a diverse community of native organisms is maintained, and is used as a proxy for ecological resilience, intended as the capacity of an ecosystem to adapt in the face of stressors, while maintaining the functions of interest.

For example, the presence of a diverse portfolio of species increases the probability that at least some of these species have the traits required to survive and maintain a suite of ecosystem functions in the face of climate change." - Ocean Health index

The Learning Laboratory

belchertown, ma

The proposed trail loop is designed as a series of phased projects beginning with two trailheads connected to wildlife observation decks by an all persons trail. This phased plan focuses initially on connecting the public school system, recreation center, and senior facilities to a place for outdoor recreation, interpretive and hands-on environmental education, narrative experience of the social and environmental history of the site, and wildlife viewing. The design bolsters the ecological health of the site by inspiring stewardship in visitors, protecting water quality through active monitoring and stormwater pretreatment, and sustainable trail design. Click here to see the trail plan in its entirety. 


•    Universal accessible trails and interpretive educational stations
•    Coordination of recreation and educational programming
•    Intergenerational user site experience
•    Phased design elements
•    Grant research and funding recommendations


•    Ecological assessment
•    Detailed design and construction plans
•    Cost estimating
•    Adaptive long-term maintenance plan
•    Multi-stakeholder engagement and public exhibition
•    Site modeling and visualizations



"the landscape is telling the stories." - larry spotted crow mann


petersham, ma

Following in the footsteps of a 2013 endeavor between the Nimpuck Cultural Preservation Inc. and the Conway School, the Nipmuc community and education center suitability study identifies opportunities for the tribe to meaningfully connect with their ancestral culture and language and invigorate a sense of place based on natural heritage. An exhaustive assessment of land opportunities for a proposed cultural center led to the conclusion that alternative options for siting this cultural center maybe within the considerations of the Nipmuc moving forward. Click here to view the plan in its entirety. 


•    Edible landscapes
•    Improved wildlife habitat
•    Low-impact building
•    Multi-use programming
•    Ceremonial elements
•    Siting parking vehicle infrastructure


•    Historical and cultural analysis
•    Extensive community and stakeholder outreach
•    Comparative site analysis and selection
•    Coordination with architect and UMass Amherst architecture              students
•    Ecological assessment
•    Visualizations and site modeling
•    Legal analysis

Perspective Terraces.png


...can be generally defined as the capacity for a socio-ecological system to absorb stresses and maintain function in the face of external stresses imposed upon it by climate change anD adapt, reorganize, and evolve into more desirable configurations that improve the sustainability of the system, leaving it better prepared for future climate change impacts.

balancing forces in the educational landscape

Greenfield, MA

A poorly planned building needed a landscape renovation to increase accessibility, aesthetic appreciation of the prominent location, and the coordination of multiple uses and users. The design focused on the entrances as a phase 1. Strategies for dealing the massive stormwater runoff from the large structure and compacted soils also doubles as a seating and outdoor educational space when dry. Click here to view the plan in its entirety. 


•    Green infrastructure
•    Outdoor classroom
•    Educational plantings
•    Parking and traffic flow design
•    Improving programming coordination


•    Site evaluation and context analysis
•    Site engineering
•    Planting plan
•    Coordination between multiple stakeholders
•    Detailed site design
•    Modeling and visualization

Main Design_161214.png
Section GCC.jpg


is about catching up to the present and planning for an elusive future. 

inventing for a new century of mill 122

easthampton, ma

Dynamic changes are underway at a massive, centuryold mill building in Easthampton, MA and future home of recording studios, residences, small industry - and three distinct outdoor spaces. Each space was designed to accommodate a specific use ranging from a multi-season outdoor event space to ecologically-integrated parking lot that manages stormwater effectively on the heels of the mill river - all while honoring the architectural and historical legacy of the building. Click here to view the plan in its entirety. 


•    Universally accessible paths and event spaces
•    Site-appropriate planting plan
•    Parking lot design
•    Stormwater infrastructure
•    Pedestrian safety infrastructure
•    Smart-growth design


•    Site assessment and analysis
•    Architectural design
•    Schematic and detailed designs
•    Zoning and building code research
•    Detailed plantings plans
•    Traffic analysis



The most effective and nuanced solutions emerge from members of the community who interact with the landscapes regularly. 



The community of Belchertown is coordinating the construction of accessible trails with the redevelopment of the fomrer Belchertown State School property. This trails master plan works to connect this redevelopment internally while linking it to nearby recreational fields, schools, downtown Belchertown, and regional trail system. Sustainable trail design and construction is a critical element and focus of this plan, as is honoring the historical and cultural significance of the former Belchertown State School, enabling visitors to enjoy the splendor of the natural landscape in acknowledgment of its past. Click here to view the plan in its entirety. 


•    1.5 mile universally accessible
•    multi-use integrated trail system
•    Pedestrian street-crossing analysis and design
•    Outdoor educational site assessment and preliminary placement
•    Contemplative gathering spaces
•    Incorporation of historic elements
•    Phased design


•    Site engineering
•    Site analysis and assessment
•    Walking audit
•    Multi-stakeholder coordination
•    Legal analysis
•    Historical and cultural analysis
•    Grant funding research

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