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building an urban food system

Brockton, MA

The Brockton urban agriculture plan evaluates the benefits of and obstacles to urban agriculture in Brockton, explores community visions of what urban agriculture could look like in Brockton; and offers recommendations to help the community coordinate agriculturally related efforts and develop sound policies supporting urban agriculture. Two principle conclusions of the project were to take the time necessary to engage the immigrant and communities of color that have been chronically underrepresented in past policy and planning initiatives and connect existing efforts and use those successes to build out other aspects of the food system. Click here to view the report in its entirety. 


•    5-point planning policy recommendations for incorporating urban agriculture
•    city-wide assessment of potential agricultural land
•    city and regional food systems assessment
•    visions for urban agriculture, education, and a local food system


•    Research and synthesis of food and agricultural systems studies
•    Outreach to public officials, field experts, and community    members
•    Community meetings
•    Ongoing assessment and follow-up