TK.designlab evolved out of an urban agriculture policy and planning project in the winter of 2017. This growth continued with multi-stakeholder planning and site design projects that explored urban redevelopment and educational landscapes. Today, the firm is expanding its client base, professional network, and articulating an identity in the field of landscape design and planning.

Tim Tensen, Co-founder + Landscape Designer

Tim started experimenting with 3D modeling, rendering, and collaborative mapping while studying ecological planning and design at the Conway School. When not reading or learning new computer software for visualizing landscapes, Tim can be found running, biking, hiking, or playing music. 


Andrew Kilduff, Co-founder + Landscape Designer

Andrew brings his experience in agroforestry, cartography, graphic design, and photography to the design lab. When not working on building the business, Andrew is riding his bike to Amherst, freelance photographing, monitoring world news, and kayaking.